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By buying Hardy products from us, you’re supporting over 300 families in the backlands of Brazil (hardyglobalmissions.org) and over 50 orphan children in Uganda, Africa.

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TONE YOUR BODY – Hardy Fabric Resistance Bands help you in building and toning muscle for your legs, thighs, and butt. It also helps support the knee and abduct. Add extra resistance to your workout for better results. The bands work great for such exercises as Hip Band Squats, Hip Thrusts, Abductor and Adductor Exercises, Walking Side/Forward Step, Thighs and Quad Workout, Leg Press & more. Great choice for exercisers. You can use these amazing Booty Resistance Bands for pretty much all workout programs.

THREE DIFFERENT LEVELS – Our Bands are created in
3 different resistance levels: Light, Medium and Heavy. The different sizes are useful for the various exercises and levels of difficulty and easily switch between the 3 levels to your preference anytime.
NON-SLIP DESIGN – Our Bands are wide & have pro grip on the inside. It never slides, rolls up, or pinches your legs when you exercise. Perfect booty resistance bands for women.
PORTABLE & CONVENIENT TO EXERCISE ANYWHERE YOU ARE – Our hip bands set circle can be used at any time so that your workout schedule will be flexible. These resistance bands come with a carry bag for easy carrying, which allows you to build muscles in any place.

COMFORTABLE & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIALS – Our exercise bands are made from premium quality sturdy and environmentally friendly cotton polyester elastic fabric materials, It can be used for any type of work out. The resistance bands can stay put for a safe and comfortable workout such as stretch and strengthen hips, legs and thighs. Not only are these fitness resistance bands great for working out at the gym but also for use at home or everywhere else.

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